Course number: WDMEF1 / Softproviding Core

Device Gateway Applet (DGA)

Concept, structure and functions of the software solution Softproviding Core in the area of Device Gateway Applet (DGA).



– Overview of the technology
– Softproviding framework
– DGC device connectivity
– Comparison: Standard Microsoft .NET objects / Softproviding objects (e.g. DataSet / SoproSAPDataSet)
– Code generation
– Full typification at design time
– Debugging and debug support
– Inter-process communication
– Client customizing
– Extenders (virtual keyboards / translation)
– Distinction from RAF (Remote Application Framework); understanding when to use which technology
– Familiarizing with special touchscreen components

Target group

– Microsoft .NET developers




Course objective

Participants will be introduced to the development and maintenance of Device Gateway Applets (DGA) with the Softproviding framework; understanding the technical implementation familiarizing with the Softproviding development environment/tools, communication with hardware (scanners, scales, etc.).



Prerequisites for attending

Knowledge of Microsoft .NET (C# / VB) training will be held in C#, OO basics (object orientation) WDMEF2 Device Gateway System (DGS), installed Microsoft .NET 2012 or 2013.



Course offer

Standard course
Minimum number of participants Price Course location
3 persons € 620.– per day and participant SAP training centers (region D/A/CH)


Individual training courses
Minimum number of participants Price Course location
3 to 7 persons € 3700.– per day At the customer’s premises (region D/A/CH)
8 bis 13 persons € 4200.– per day At the customer’s premises (region D/A/CH)
14 bis 19 persons € 4700.– per day At the customer’s premises (region D/A/CH)
20 bis 25 persons € 5200.– per day At the customer’s premises (region D/A/CH)
Prices are exclusive of VAT and expenses. Prices in CHF are available upon request. Minimum number of participants per course: 3 persons.



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