Basel, CH – April 2020

Classified Procurement


Classified Procurement, Softproviding’s new module, enables companies to purchase “unclassi-fied” products. Usually these are primary products such as raw milk, livestock or potatoes, veg-etables or herbs directly from the field. What they all have in common is that the producer does not know the classification, i.e. the quality or the exact specification of these products at the time of receipt, which often means that no exact price can be determined.






Usually a base price is known, which is adjusted depending on the classification still to be carried out in the processing plant. For this purpose, SAP classification, based on classes and characteristics, has been integrated into pricing. Based on the valuated characteristics of the classification of the order item, additional surcharges and discounts are calculated so that the valid price can be determined.




In order to be able to use the classification comprehensively, the so-called classification framework was developed. The classification framework makes it easy to enter quality and price characteristics in a separate cockpit, inherit these characteristics and reuse them for pricing in the purchase order, for example. Inheritance takes place according to the parameters to be set in Customizing, be it automatically or in the background in the migration cockpit. The great advantage of the framework is the cross-object inheritance of classes and their valuated or unvaluated characteristics. This can be done, for example, from the material master first to the inbound delivery item and later, after classification, to the purchase order item and additionally to the batch, or from the contract item to the purchase order item for calculating prices in the current period.


CP Classification Framework


CP Object Assignment


Settlement includes the settlement cockpit, where all settlement-relevant orders are clearly displayed. All purchase orders can be settled together, with the option of handling them according to different rules for invoice summary. In practice, this means, for example, that only one invoice is created for the collected purchase orders of a month. In addition to mass billing, the settlement cockpit also offers mass pricing, mass price changes, and mass reversal. It is also possible to first create provisional settlements and then perform final settlement at a later date. If required, customer-specific enhancements are also possible using activities in the modules.


CP Settlement


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