Basel, CH – March 2015

Controlling 2.0 Simplified

Controlling 2.0 Simplified


Controlling 2.0 Simplified allows you to greatly simplify your controlling activities (e.g. monthly statements) as your data is coordinated with the accounting activities and is completely processed every day. There is no longer any need for complex calculations involving several objects; instead, your data is fully available across the entire value flow. Take the coordination work out of your controlling operations and enjoy a significant increase in transparency.


The new concept includes the following aspects – and more:


  • Total cost method (TCM – presentation of accounts)
  • Cost-of-sales method (CSM – functional costs)
  • Detailed sales controlling
  • Detailed production controlling
  • Detailed overhead controlling

By mapping the cost-of-sales method (CSM) and total cost method (TCM) in parallel, coordination and traceability are greatly simplified. However, should incorrect mapping or remapping occur, this can be easily corrected using the reallocation functions (remapping). The result is radically simplified reorganisation within controlling.


In Controlling 2.0 Simplified, the depth of the analysis can be freely defined, while the drill-down functions are based on SAP’s reliable search and reporting tools. This gives you an extensive, integrated standard reporting tool. BWI integration is also covered by standard extraction mechanisms. In contrast to SAP’s standard concept, the “day” and “week” time dimensions are fully supported in Controlling 2.0 Simplified.


Processing movement data daily (or even more frequently if necessary) greatly simplifies the monthly statement. The term Fast Closing has never been more accurate!


The Controlling 2.0 Simplified tool can be installed retroactively and at any time as it is based on the master documents, allowing you to implement it whenever you like.


In combination with the SAP standard modules, the unique Controlling 2.0 Simplified provides you with an exceptional package that is fully built on SAP Standard and can be serviced from there. Incorporate this revolutionary concept into your daily routine and marvel at the results: simplicity means efficiency!