Basel, CH – December 2014




Connecting a plant data collection (PDC) system to SAP via ports has always been a particular challenge. For this reason, Softproviding has always attached great importance to ensuring that the PDC system is directly integrated into the SAP ERP system, even though this requires substantial input in terms of development. With the innovative, user-friendly DPS-RAF technology, Softproviding is now entering completely new territory.


Just imagine creating an application for the shop floor with device connectivity (scales, scanner, etc.) in record time – and all without leaving the Standard. This is made possible by the fact that DPS-RAF is designed as a modular system.


DGC (Device Gateway Communicator) integration for the device connection is available for each DPS-RAF application and does not require further development. The system only has to be told in which fields the data (e.g. from the scanner or scales) should be displayed or used.


You want to carry out a goods movement for an order? To do this, all you have to do is select the order data and the module for the goods movement, and the function can be performed on a user interface such as Windows or IOS. On these interfaces, the created objects (buttons, tables or fields) can be designed for a touchscreen interface using various parameters such as color or size.


DPS-RAF supports the use of templates, thereby allowing different process sequences to be designed using standardized user interfaces. This provides a familiar environment and simplifies user training. DPS-RAF enables the user to navigate to the relevant authorized processes via a single application and thus to work with maximum efficiency.


If the standard functions in the DPS modular system should ever prove insufficient, all expansions can be implemented in ABAP regardless of the user interface.


DPS-RAF applications are connected to the ERP system directly (without middleware) and always work with the latest data. It is therefore possible to manage and evaluate the shop floor in real time.



From a technical point of view, DPS-RAF combines two Softproviding technologies:

  • DPS (Data Process System): thanks to the Data Process System, any data within the SAP application can be selected, arranged and mapped.
  • RAF (Remote Application Framework): using the RAF, data selected, arranged and mapped via the DPS is displayed on mobile or touchscreen applications, including the user interface, regardless of the type of device. RAF can be activated for each DPS process. The user only needs to design the respective user interface according to his requirements using the drag and drop function; the application itself will be generated automatically.

If you would like to find out more about DPS-RAF, please send an e-mail to and we will put your name down for a DPS-RAF webinar. At our webinars, we provide an introduction to DPS-RAF (creating a sample application), before giving you the opportunity to discuss the technology with our experts and acquire more in-depth knowledge.