Basel, CH – December 2014




With GETI WILBA, Softproviding has successfully acquired a customer who is a deep-frozen poultry, game and convenience food specialist. The company already uses SAP ERP and has decided to introduce Meat Management by Softproviding into its poultry processing plant.




GETI WILBA’s headquarters are situated in the north-German town of Bremervörde, and include a poultry processing plant, a game plant and a convenience food factory. There is another poultry processing plant in Cuxhaven-Altenwalde.


The project to introduce Meat Management by Softproviding began at the end of May 2014; Michael Brune (GETI WILBA) and René Bärtschi (Softproviding AG) are leading the project, which has been divided into 6 sub-projects. A specialist from GETI WILBA and Softproviding are supervising each sub-project.




Project aim

The aim is to use SAP and Meat Management by Softproviding to develop a concept which will support the production processes in GETI WILBA’s poultry processing plant in the future.
The main aims include:

  • Mapping material flows and inventory management in the SAP Materials Management (transparent flow of values and goods)
  • Creating a controlling system to manage efficiency in the poultry sector
  • Tools for managing and monitoring the key factors that drive productivity (yield, deboning efficiency etc.)
  • Process transparency
  • Creating an efficient electronic traceability system and covering the retail requirement of “transparency in the supply chain”
  • Creating tools for planning and scheduling the poultry processes
  • Increasing the efficiency of the existing manual administrative processes
  • Harmonized system landscape
  • Real-time information
  • Process integration (accounting/logistics)

In October 2014, the design phase was successfully completed and the jointly developed implementation concepts were approved for implementation.


Together, the project team is facing a range of challenges: for example, it is important to alter existing processes as little as possible and to retain the company’s flexibility, as well as to ensure a rapid introduction of Meat Management using the company’s lean IT infrastructure.


The implementation is planned for the end of January 2015 and the system is scheduled to go live in the first quarter of 2015.