Basel, CH – June 2016

Highlights of the New Release 540/240

Softproviding Meat 5.40


We are hard at work putting the finishing touches to the new release. In the meantime, we would like to give you an overview of two new features:


Data Archiving


As SAP explains, data archiving is a safe and reliable procedure in which data from completed business processes, i.e. data that is no longer needed for online operation, is written into the archive from the database and then deleted from the latter. The archived data can then optionally be stored in an external storage system (ADK-based archiving). The other important factor in this procedure is that the archived data can be retrieved at any time if it is needed again, e.g. during an audit or for operational reasons. Data archiving offers a range of functions for doing this.


Legal requirements stipulate that some data may or must in fact be deleted once the statutory retention period has elapsed.


Data archiving in the new Softproviding Meat Management release (Softproviding Core 2.40 and Softproviding Meat 5.40) has been completely overhauled and upgraded. All database tables with a large volume of data are archived to the SAP standard across all components in the new and/or revised 17 archiving objects.


Softproviding now provides a wide range of archiving objects in the following areas:


Softproviding Core

  • DPS data
  • Labeling orders
  • Load carriers
  • Further processing entry
  • Process data (PDAO)*
  • Stock removal orders

Softproviding Meat

  • Disassembly processes (includes disassembly processes, dependent SAP standard production orders, cut lists, cuts)
  • Standard cost estimates (includes standard cost estimates, cut lists, cuts)
  • MRP calculations (includes MRP calculations, cut lists, cuts)
  • Purchasing program
  • Market price determination
  • Stock reservations
  • Livestock reception
  • Slaughtering processes
  • Stock removal orders

* The objects shown in italics existed in the previous release but have been completely overhauled.



Template Processes in DPS


EFor the very first time, Softproviding now supports the entire process chain on the shop floor, from goods receipt through to picking, via standard touchscreen applications. These applications will be supplied with release 2.40 as template applications and map the following processes:


  • Goods receipt for purchase order
  • Barn management
  • Disassembly process entry
  • Further processing entry
  • Picking for delivery
  • Picking for load carriers
  • Stock transfer: storage location to storage location
  • Inventorying, with or without inventory document
  • Inspection lot and message entry
  • Tare calculation
  • PDA posting management (cancelation, reprint)

The applications can be launched on all platforms supported by RAF (Windows, Windows Mobile, IOS and Android) and are mapped using DPS-RAF technology. This technology is highly flexible, meaning that the applications can be easily adapted to the specific requirements of any company.


A general entry window makes it easy to integrate further processes and allows the user to enter data quickly and seamlessly.


You can find more information about DPS-RAF technology at the Softproviding website.