Courtepin, Switzerland – July 2014

A higher level of automation at Micarna SA


Micarna_Werk Micarna_Prod5


The individual solutions in the production department were obsolete: 
Micarna SA Success Story PDF


Micarna SA: Using Meat Management by Softproviding since 2002

Meat Management replaced the existing individual solutions and, as a result, there was a significant reduction in software maintenance costs. One central component of the new solution is the integrated production data acquisition function. The equipment and machinery used for production and data acquisition (PLC, scales, scanners, AutoFom system etc.) were integrated with this function without any problems.



“The cooperation with our IT partner was a real highlight of the project. The consultants looked in detail at our processes and worked closely with us to tailor the solution to meet our precise requirements.”

– Dieter Gähwiler, CFO, Micarna SA