Basel, CH – March 2022

msg.IoTX (msg Internet of Things Cross Connectivity)


With msg.IoTX, we are introducing you to the new interface for the next generation. The completely new development is way ahead of its predecessor DGC (Device Gateway Connector) in terms of functionality and is therefore now being marketed as msg Internet of Things Cross Connectivity. The potential of the product has already been explained in the past (here, here and here). This report focuses on the completely redesigned user interface and the further improved usability.


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msg.IoTX, as the X in its name suggests, is no longer limited to Windows. Thanks to its platform independence, msg.IoTX runs on the very basis that is strategically in use at your company: Are you running Linux? No problem – whether it’s a full-blown computer, a minimalist Raspberry PI with its ARM architecture, or a virtualized environment. Or are you considering a cloud solution with Docker? It is your decision whether you want to run a console application or rather a standalone service.


After the initial basic setup, everything else can be conveniently configured and also monitored using a browser. Extensive visualization is available for this purpose.


DPS RAF Templates


On the device side, a strict separation between interface and device logic is pursued. It is therefore irrelevant whether a device is connected via serial interface, TCP/IP, UDP, or MQTT. Of course, the system also has powerful logging functionality and, in view of the growing diversity of devices with each additional requirement, has been equipped with visualization for certain device types.


DPS RAF Templates


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