Anyone who has managed to break through in the meat industry is qualified for all sensitive logistical processes. As a preferred SAP partner, we also provide support for other areas of the food industry, as well as in other sectors of industry and have high standards of transparency and control right through the entire supply chain.


A Softproviding solution brings you the advantages of SAP intelligence geared to your specific requirements.
The benefits to you: two software modules that give you transparency and control right down the line.




Softproviding Core

The software module for planning, production and data management
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Softproviding Link

Flexible localization of processes and functionalities
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Sweet Experience with the
Device Gateway Communicator 


One of Switzerland’s most well-known lozenge manufacturers has efficiently organized its production processes with Softproviding Core. They are using the Device Gateway Communicator (DGC) 4 to connect devices. This provides the opportunity to connect devices directly to SAP and other applications, such as Device Gateway Applets (DGA) or the Remote Application Framework (RAF). Labels are printed using the PrintMonitor: The PrintDesigner enables labels to be individually customized at any time. Touchscreen applications are used in production for recording items moving in and out.


The lozenge manufacturer’s production complies with pharmaceutical standards. The Softproviding Core solution fulfills the requirements of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is validated accordingly.


Softproviding Core: connection of various
devices via the Device Gateway Communicator (DGC).


Universal Use of the Remote Application Framework (RAF)


The world-famous elevator manufacturer, Schindler, is riding high with Softproviding Core. The company is using the Remote Application Framework (RAF) in a number of areas: for example, in goods receipt, stock transfer and picking, assembly for special customer orders, packing and shipping. The RAF enables these applications to be developed in ABAP, regardless of platform and device, and the Layout Painter can be used to further optimize the various user interfaces such as iOS, Windows Mobile and many more.


Softproviding Core: universal use of the
Remote Application Framework (RAF).

softproviding_verbindungsloesungenElectrical Connectors

Total Labelling Flexibility


Multi-Contact AG, the company specializing in electrical connectors, needs a multitude of customized label layouts in its sales and distribution operation that meet all its customer and material criteria, as well as including certification logos and other marks. Softproviding Core provides them with a solution that also optimizes fulfilment of this requirement.


The automated and dynamic label management and print software, which is fully integrated in the SAP system, enables them to cover the variety of individual layout variants with just a few basic layouts using meta data. Multi-Contact AG uses Softproviding Core at various sites all around the world for labelling on label printers and packing lines.


Softproviding Core: labelling with
label printers and on packing lines.




Testimonials: Top brands rely on Softproviding Core

staeuebli   ricola   schindler

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  • “We work in accordance with pharmaceutical industry standards. As we also manufacture goods in the USA, our production process must comply with the regulations of the US Food and Drug Administration. The validation process guarantees that Softproviding Core meets these requirements in full.”

  • “The Remote Application Framework, which is an integral part of Softproviding Core, enables us to develop touchscreen and mobile applications quickly and directly in SAP for any operating system.”

  • “As we make a variety of customer-specific products, our labelling process must be flexible. DPS, the determination applications, PrintDesigner and PrintMonitor make up the perfect software solution for integrating and controlling our packaging and labelling machines.”




Whatever you’re planning, our processes will ensure your success.

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