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Far-sightedness and pioneering spirit. In 2000, two IT experts developed a standard software program based on SAP, intended for the highly sensitive applications in the meat industry. And so Softproviding AG was born and got off to an excellent start, with a great worldwide response to SAP Meat Management by msg. With recognition as an SAP Vendor Branded Reseller (VBR) partnership in 2016, the company’s success gathered pace.
Softproviding solutions for the end-to-end management of complex production chains are also in demand in other sectors of industry. These solutions generate added value wherever they are used. Support is provided by a strong team, led by the founders, who have a keen eye on the future.


Softproviding milestones

Global solutions expertise



  • “It goes without saying for me that I should be personally involved in supporting our customers’ requirements and that I should be there for them when the going gets tough. Wherever in the world they happen to be.”

    Founder and CEO Jan Grütter

  • “Since setting up the company, we have enjoyed continued growth and success. But I still feel part of the team and actively work on developing innovative solutions.”

    Founder and CEO Jan Grütter

  • “Our customers’ visions are what challenge and motivate us. It is an exciting process to try to understand a customer’s problems and find a solution that completely satisfies their requirements.”

    Founder and CEO Jan Grütter


  • “Anyone in our job who doesn’t have an eye on the future will fall hopelessly behind. We are working today on solutions for tomorrow.”

    Founder and Head of Technology Hans-Peter Jordi

  • “The biggest challenge in software development is to simplify complexity. With our software products for the meat industry, we have accumulated valuable experience that also benefits other industries.”

    Founder and Head of Technology Hans-Peter Jordi

  • “Software for controlling production processes needs to be adapted to suit the business processes and the specific customer requirements, not the other way round.”

    Founder and Head of Technology Hans-Peter Jordi




A vertical take-off. And still growing.

August 2000: “Ready …, steady …, Softproviding go!”
2001: Passed the first test: Softproviding becomes an SAP Service Partner.
2006: “Softproviding Powered by SAP NetWeaver”
The company becomes a member of the SAP Industry Value Network and attends SAPPHIRE in Paris for the first time.
2007: SAP Meat Management by msg supports SAP Catch Weight Management (CWM).
2010: Softproviding takes part in the SAP Global Protein Council for the first time.
2011: Promoted to the premier league: SAP Meat Management by msg is recognised by SAP as an SAP-Endorsed Business Solution (EBS). Softproviding is given the status of SAP-Endorsed Business Solution Partner.
2014: A major presence: Softproviding presents the SAP Meat Management by msg solution at the SAP Global Protein Council using the example of successful installations at Maple Leaf Foods (Canada) and Tyson Foods (USA).
Presentation SAP Global Protein Council PDF
2016: msg systems ag becomes a majority shareholder in Softproviding AG, and in doing so, makes the company part of the globally active msg group. As a consequence, msg expands its current portfolio in the Food division, a division the company considers strategically significant, to include a solution for the meat industry.
msg becomes shareholder in Softproviding AG
  Meat Management is brought into the official SAP product portfolio and into SAP’s flagship partner model for product partners, the SAP Vendor Branded Reseller (VBR) partner model. Since then, it has appeared under the product name “SAP Meat Management by msg” on the SAP price list and is thus available to buy from the global SAP sales platform.
SAP Meat Management by msg – VBR


An impressive track record. And satisfied customers.





North America


South America


Switzerland / Meat

Micarna SA,

In 2002 the leading meat processor in Switzerland was the first customer to choose SAP Meat Management by msg and is still with us today. The solution has now been installed at all the company’s sites. Courtepin: the full program for pigs, cattle and poultry: slaughtering, disassembly, production. Bazenheid: the full program for pigs: disassembly, production. Zurich: for cattle: disassembly, production. Schönbühl: disassembly, production. The recently completed plant in Bazenheid is one of the most modern disassembly and production facilities in the world. It has a very high level of automation and correspondingly high productivity. It sets new standards for safety with regard to statutory requirements and traceability Micarna Success Story PDF


Ernst Sutter AG,

The major Swiss meat producer Ernst Sutter AG (“the fine art of meat”) runs its end-to-end process across 9 plants using SAP Meat Management by msg. Ernst Sutter AG Success Story PDF


SBAG (Schlachtbetrieb St. Gallen AG),

This contract slaughtering company provides its customers with the latest slaughter data from SAP Meat Management by msg. SBAG Success Story PDF


Bell AG,

The Swiss market leader in the field of meat processing installed SAP Meat Management by msg in 2007: from slaughtering to cooked meats, from Cheseaux-sur-Lausanne to Basel.

Switzerland / Other industries

Sweet production

The IT solution with Softproviding Core used by a famous Swiss sweet manufacturer with production sites in the USA and elsewhere has received the approval of the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration).


Multi-Contact AG,

This company specialising in electrical connectors has a dynamic label management and printing package fully integrated into its SAP system. Softproviding Core makes it possible.


Schindler Aufzüge AG,

The elevator manufacturer uses Remote Application Framework (RAF) to establish connections with touch screen devices and mobile scanner applications in ABAP.


Compagnie Financière Richemont SA,

The luxury goods group, based in Bellevue near Geneva, uses myEASYPAY, an impressive solution for electronic data interchange (EDI) in payment transactions. myEASYPAY is an elegant complement to the SAP standard system, offering EDI functionality and facilitating the creation of IDocs. It supports the processing of accounts receivable, accounts payable and payroll payments with a variable value date in a single transaction. The user-friendly interface allows multiple payment runs to be started simultaneously, with their status displayed using icons. The system also shows the number of posted payment documents. myEASYPAY is compatible with all releases and is under constant development. A comprehensive documentation set completes the package.

The Principality of Liechtenstein / Meat

Herbert Ospelt Anstalt,

This food and animal feeds specialist began using SAP Meat Management by msg in 2004. The solution is installed at a range of sites: in Bendern (Liechtenstein) for the Malbuner meat specialities and cat and dog food; in Sargans (Switzerland) for ready meals, pasta, poultry, packaging fish and seafood; in Weite (Switzerland) for fish and seafood; in Geroldswil at Panetta SA for sandwich production.

Germany / Meat


One of the leading meat processing companies in Germany and in Europe opted for SAP Meat Management by msg. The slaughtering site in Coesfeld went live in 2016. Coping with the huge slaughtering capacity of 600 pigs per hour was one of the outstanding challenges this project presented.


Müller Fleisch GmbH, Birkenfeld,

This slaughtering and disassembly firm has been using SAP Meat Management by msg since 2013. The first stage of the implementation took place at the company’s Birkenfeld site, where the software is already in productive use. The second stage and implementation at other locations in Germany is still in the planning phase.


Kaufland Fleischwaren, Neckarsulm,

The supermarket and retail chain has been implementing SAP Meat Management by msg at its plants in Möckmühl and Osterfeld (Germany) and in Modletice (Czech Republic) since 2004. The newly completed site in Heiligenstadt (Germany) implemented the software package in 2013.
Kaufland is Softproviding’s largest customer in Germany. For example, the company processes 4000 kg of Thüringer Bratwurst sausages per hour. The Heiligenstadt plant, which has a floor area of 30,000 square metres, combines traditional craftsmanship with the latest technology. A pig half can be disassembled in 8 seconds and the plant processes 4500 units per day. All the products leave the factory in end-user packaging. In the “white” zone, which has a production area of 15,000 square metres, the focus is on hygiene. This is where all types of minced meat are produced at a rate of 800 kg/h per employee.


Wilhelm Brandenburg, Frankfurt am Main,

The quality meat processor has been using SAP Meat Management by msg since 2009. Its plants in Frankfurt am Main, Timmendorfer Strand, Dreieichenhain and Netphen supply 5000 supermarkets from the REWE Group (REWE, PENNY and toom) throughout Germany with more than 137,000 tonnes of meat and sausage products, which are either ready packaged or destined for the deli counter.


The Family Butchers Germany GmbH, Versmold,

This family butcher’s business based in Westphalia installed SAP Meat Management by msg in 2004 and was Softproviding’s first customer in Germany. In its plants in Versmold (headquarters), Brunsbek, Friesoythe, Vörden, Lörrach and Romania, the company, which was founded in 1931, produces fine meat products and sausages.


Heinrich Nölke GmbH & Co. KG, Versmold,

This poultry sausage producer, a family business with plants in Versmold, Waren and Menzefricke, has been using SAP Meat Management by msg since 2007. This was the first major DPS implementation with Softproviding Core for disassembly, production, packaging, labelling and picking.


GETI WILBA GmbH & Co. KG, Bremervörde,

With GETI WILBA, Softproviding has successfully acquired a customer who is a deep-frozen poultry, game and convenience food specialist. The company already uses SAP ERP and has decided to introduce SAP Meat Management by msg into its poultry processing plant. GETI WILBA Success Story

Denmark / Meat

Danish Crown A/S, Randers,

In 2014 this Danish meat producing company opted for SAP Meat Management by msg and is Softproviding’s first customer in northern Europe. Danish Crown’s newly opened plant in Holsted (Denmark) installed elements of Meat Management in 2014 as part of a pilot project in its cattle, slaughtering, disassembly and mince production units.

Norway / Meat

Nortura SA, Oslo,

Nortura SA, Norway’s largest meat and egg producer, chose SAP Meat Management by msg and SAP in April 2015.

Slovenia / Meat

Perutnina Ptuj,

The largest poultry processor in south-east Europe first installed SAP Meat Management by msg in 2010.

Greece / Meat

P.G. NIKAS S.A., Athen,

The leading meat processing company in Greece chose SAP Meat Management by msg in 2007 to allow it to achieve its visionary goals.



Australia / Meat

B.E. Campbell (NSW) Pty Ltd, Wetherill Park,

This family company, which specializes in pork and has plants in Wetherill Park and Arndell Park, invested in SAP Meat Management by msg in 2010. The company uses the full program in its slaughtering, disassembly, production, packaging, labelling and picking departments. In 2014, BEC opened a slaughtering and disassembly site with picking and delivery in Young (around 500 km from Sydney) and plans to install Softproviding Meat there this year.



North America / Meat

Maple Leaf Foods, Toronto, Kanada,

This international food company, based in Canada, began by installing SAP Meat Management by msg in 6 of its poultry plants in 2011 and liked what it saw. The installation of the program for its pork business followed in 2012.


Tyson Foods, Arkansas, USA,

Tyson Foods, Inc. is one of the world’s largest processors and marketers of chicken, beef, and pork products. Tyson Foods started to implement SAP Meat Management by msg in 2012.



South America / Meat

Agrosuper, Rancagua, Chile,

The Chilean meat producer and global player Agrosuper has processes quite different from those used by European companies. The flexibility of SAP Meat Management by msg and SAP has been highly impressive. Since February 2015, all processes at the Rosario plant belonging to the Chilean food group Agrosuper are handled entirely with SAP Meat Management by msg. The introduction of SAP Meat Management by msg at Agrosuper is set to continue this year with the scheduled roll-out of the solution in the San Vicente poultry plant.

Agrosuper Success Story Rosario
Agrosuper Success Story San Vicente
Agrosuper Success Story Lo Miranda






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