Basel, CH – September 2016

Picking with Load Carriers


There are various options for mapping picking in the SAP ERP and EWM system. In order to meet the specific requirements of the meat industry, Meat Management by Softproviding exclusively offers picking with load carriers in the ERP system.


The ‘picking with load carriers’ function makes it possible to process an object that maps the picking order and the loading equipment simultaneously. The load carrier holds the information that the picker uses on the shop-floor to compile the quantities on the loading equipment. A wide variety of functions are available to the picker during picking: batch split, material substitution, shortfall input, quantity and weight input, weighing and picking. These can all be used quickly and easily via the touchscreen application.


For weighed goods, picking can also be configured to have two steps. The quantities and batches are assigned in the first steps, then the goods are weighed at a different work center.


The number of required load carriers is calculated on the basis of the delivery and optimized according to various criteria (quantity conversions, picking process). This means that orders to which different picking processes are assigned can be picked simultaneously at multiple terminals. In addition, only the conversions from the material master data are needed to calculate the number of load carriers required, which eliminates the need to manage additional master data. The number of empties needed can also be added to this figure. It is possible to define whether each empty container is to be incorporated in the delivery and/or used for the tare weight calculation when weighing.




After all the load carriers in a delivery have been picked, the required information is added to the delivery along with the delivery update:

  • Quantities and weights
  • Batches
  • Empties items
  • Handling units, packed and assigned to the delivery
  • Material-to-material transfer posting for a substitution



The DPS-RAF template applications for picking with load carriers simplify processes on the shop-floor and significantly reduce picking times. All the load carriers for a delivery are displayed at the terminal in real time; the picker can record and confirm the picked goods in the system. The template applications are a part of Meat Management by Softproviding and cover the standard picking processes. If required, these can be copied and adapted to meet individual customer requirements.