Basel, CH – April 2024

SAP Dairy Management by msg – Release 2024

SAP Dairy Management by msg is the industry solution for advanced raw material planning, raw material and performance controlling and product costing in the dairy industry. It was specially developed to track the milk’s value-bearing components from receipt up to the end product. The solution is part of the SAP Agribusiness product strategy and is also offered as a cloud product (SAP RISE).

While SAP Dairy Management has always featured powerful new developments with each new release, such as the recent affinage function for managing aging-related tasks, the new release now boasts a whole range of optimizations and promises consolidation across the board.

The Dairy Basis area primarily underwent a wide range of improvements and enhancements. There is a new function in the raw material deliveries, which can now also be imported or exported. The user has the choice of either extending or replacing the data.

There was little new in the area of Raw Materials Planning this year. There was potential for optimization in the management of history data or in the planning of raw material deliveries.

The area of Activity-Based Costing saw some changes, such as in the management of activity-based costing runs. The target/actual/plan analysis functions have also been extended to include the additional dimensions of profit center, process cost center and resource cost center. There is also a new app Export and Import of Production Quantities – Plan for the quantities required to resolve the bill of materials and the production process. Also worth mentioning is the extension of the Mixed Costing functionality implemented in collaboration with a customer. This allows the quantities to be recalculated at the receiving plant in the event of a 100 per cent purchase and the additional processing costs incurred to be charged accordingly.

In the Affinage area, where the parameters for the aging functions are defined, eWM-managed batches can now also be displayed with all available information.

This means that the warehouse and the storage type are now also available as the basis for the master data. This affects various functions such as profit and loss analysis, the management of aging information as well as the actual aging run.

All in all, the 2024 edition of SAP Dairy Management by msg is closer to the customer, better adapted to production processes, optimized in all the right places, or – in short – well matured.

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