Basel, CH – March 2021

The New SAP Meat and Fish Management 5.90 by msg for SAP S/4HANA – your Benefit


The new release SAP Meat and Fish Management 5.90 by msg for SAP S/4HANA, based on SAP Release 2020, has once again been supplemented with a number of additional functions and tools in order to better map process requirements, especially those in the area of animal production with the new Cycle-Based Production module.




Cycle-Based Production (CBP)

Standardized external procedure classes are now available for the execution of growth and reproduction processes in the area of animal production. These classes can be defined in Customizing as so-called external procedure groups and assigned to the individual activities of a production definition in the master data.


Standardized external procedure classes (e.g. in Livestock Reservation)

Standardized external procedure classes (e.g. in Livestock Reservation)

Assigning external procedure groups to activities in Production Definition

Assigning external procedure groups to activities in Production Definition

The following external procedure classes can either be used by default or copied as templates and adapted to the customer’s needs:

  • Create and change preliminary livestock reservations.
  • Create and change production orders (production order, CO production order or internal order).
  • Create and cancel goods movements (for example, goods receipt and issue for order)
  • Create and change purchase orders and sales orders


With these functions, the integration with the modules and processes of the SAP standard (PP, MM, SD, CO, PS) but also within SAP Meat and Fish Management to the subsequent processes (livestock procurement and slaughtering) was again significantly expanded.

The processing of external procedure classes has also been optimized by automating the individual process steps, for example through the use of suitable background processing, and by enabling them to be traced at any time through extensive logging. Likewise, a clear reference of the cycle movements makes it possible to jump to the respective objects at any time.

Data acquisition using DPS standard processes and DPS-RAF in the shop floor or barn area has been supplemented with additional data entry fields and input helps so that process data for production cycle activities can be recorded even more efficiently. A standardized function for recording quality notifications is now also available as standard, which can be used, for example, for regular health or veterinary inspections.


Control Tower (DPS standard evaluations)

With release 5.90, standard operational evaluations are available as templates for all process areas for the first time, including the following industry-standard key performance indicators:

  • Barn occupancy, time in barn, slaughter performance
  • Yield control
  • Consumption rates (feed, water, etc.)
  • Give-away

The respective templates of the DPS standard evaluations are copied and can be adapted and extended individually.


More new features

Other modules have also been optimized and new functions added as part of the new release:

  • In Barn Management, it is now possible to validate quantities to ensure that no more animals are booked into the barns than have been recorded in Livestock Reception.
  • In Disassembly, any item categories can now be used, and default price sources can be variably preset, which further reduces maintenance work. Managing cut list variants has also been optimized to make it even easier for customers to use.
  • Tracking and Tracing has been enhanced by several new functionalities. One of the highlights is certainly the Origin Class by Production Version, which allows customers to assign an origin class to a production version. If, for example, different labeling variants (for different customers) are to be handled for a product via production versions, specific origin classes can be used to ensure that the correct raw materials are used for each variant (in terms of slaughtering date, disassembly date, best before date, origin, etc.), since customers can have different requirements.

A complete listing of the new features in release 5.90 can be found in the corresponding release notes at the end of May.


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