Basel, CH – December 2022

Core Control Tower


As of early 2021, SAP Meat and Fish Management by msg includes standardized operational reporting templates for different areas of the value chain. These templates can be copied and tailored to individual requirements, which allows customers to keep an eye on important KPIs, identify deviations at an early stage and derive appropriate measures from them.


The reports described in the following lines are relevant for all Softproviding’s Food software customers





This evaluation shows the difference in quantity and value between the fixed and the captured weight. This feature is of particular importance in the case of products that are sold in equalized form, but where small fluctuations in weight always occur between the individual packages. At the end of the day, customers receive more than they are charged. This “given away” difference can be shown and analyzed in terms of quantity and value.




This evaluation shows the production performance, i.e. the quantities produced per hour, broken down by various criteria, such as terminal, production controller or material.



Generated PDA records

In this evaluation, all generated PDA records for quota calculation and pair formation are displayed.




Picking overview

In this overview, the picking status of the deliveries, delivery items and load carrier items is evaluated.


Material Management


Stock overview with classification

This report is used to evaluate the stocks with the selected batch characteristics. It allows employees to easily identify, for example, from which cutting plants carcasses were delivered to the cold store or in which countries the animals were born. Other relevant characteristics can also be viewed at any time.


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