Basel, CH – March 2017

Shop Floor Applications in Materials Management


SAP Meat Management by msg is an SAP-ERP add-on for the protein industry that maps out sector-specific processes in companies. The fact that the numerous shop floor applications in different sectors represent an integral part of SAP Meat Management by msg is not apparent at first. Even the integration of devices into these applications is ensured by Meat Management, as we have already reported in previous articles (here, here and here)


In this article, we want to explain to you the most frequently used Meat Management shop floor applications in the materials management sector.


If user management is active in Meat Management, then the user must log into the terminal with their user data. The corresponding application can then be started, provided that they have the rights for several applications. All of the applications described here can be used on different operating systems (such as iOS, Android, and Windows) and on different devices, such as handheld devices, industry PCs, or tablets.


Goods receipt for purchase order

This application allows the receipt of goods to be entered with reference to an order. On the goods receipt screen, the order and then the order number, for which the goods receipt is to be entered, are selected. The application then branches to the standardized screen for performing the PDAO (process data acquisition operation). On this screen the relevant data for the goods receipt item and then the goods received is entered.


Purchase Order




PDA Entry


Stock transfer

The stock transfer application enables stock to be transferred from storage location to storage location within a plant. The transfer from storage location to storage location leads to an update of stock quantities in both storage locations.


Stock transfer


Goods movement for delivery

The movement of goods for delivery can be recorded with the help of this shop floor application. To begin, the corresponding delivery and delivery item must be entered, then the PDA acquisition screen is displayed where the quantities and all the details are entered.




Select Delivery Position


PDA Entry


Physical inventories without a document

After counting you have to enter the count result into the system. This application provides the opportunity to record the count result of a material even if no inventory document was created for this material. In this case, an inventory document is automatically created when the count result is entered and the PDA operation posted.




Physical inventories with a document

The physical inventory with a document is the inventory data entry process in SAP. After counting you have to enter the count result into the system. The count results with reference to an inventory document that has already been created are captured by the Meat Management application. Therefore, the inventory document is selected first on the selection screen and then the material and the corresponding batch (if the material is handled in batches).


Select Inventory document


Select position


Inventory PDA


Using the Softproviding shop floor applications is an option that guarantees added value for the customer along the whole line, as even existing MES systems can be integrated with ease. All of the applications described here are part of the SAP Meat Management by msg standard system and can be adapted for customer-specific requirements without much effort.


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