Basel, CH – March 2018

Shop-Floor Next Level on SAP S/4HANA


Digitization is progressing at an ever faster pace. In production, we are therefore increasingly confronted with smart devices, sensors and extensive mass data processing. To stay abreast of these changes, Softproviding has combined some of these innovations under the term Smart Factory.





The SoproTEC agent for SAP Plant Connectivity bridges the gap between Softproviding technology and SAP Leonardo (e.g. SAP ME/MII). This means that older devices such as scales with a serial interface can also be used directly in SAP PCo via DGC (Device Gateway System) and can be integrated into the Smart Factory without any programming effort. The following components are available in the SoproTEC Agent and therefore in SAP PCo:

  • All devices which are available via DGC 5 using established driver technology
  • Softproviding Print Monitor (direct access)

Additionally, the SoproTEC Agent provides an oData communication connection so that all devices, printers and connections (e.g. via OPC UA) can be transferred directly to a Fiori/SAP UI5 application.


SoproTEC can also be used as a communication server without SAP PCo. This means that the direct connection of DGC devices to Fiori/SAP UI5 is now available.



DPS/RAF apps can now be run in the web browser (HTML5). Therefore, it is no longer necessary to work with the previous RAF clients. This results in the following advantages:

  • Existing apps do not need to be modified.
  • Hardware (e. g. DGC devices or control connections) is accessed centrally via the web server. This makes the connections more stable.
  • Improved performance
  • Clients do not need to be installed
  • Integrates seamlessly into the Fiori environment
  • Runs as a Fiori application also within the Fiori client
  • Also available in the SAP cloud environment (

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