Basel, CH – September 2015

Softproviding PrintMonitor



The Softproviding PrintMonitor service is ideal for printing labels and lists extremely efficiently via SAP / Meat Management by Softproviding. This tool from Softproviding is essential for production (shop floor) and serves as an interface between the SAP system and the printer infrastructure.


We would like to take this opportunity not only to inform you about the latest innovations relating to the Softproviding PrintMonitor, but also to remind you about the key functions it already offers.



The WYSIWYG Softproviding PrintDesigner is available for all printers with a Windows printer driver. The host mode can also be used for various types of printer (e.g. Pago, Zebra, Intermec). Highly special-purpose printers can be controlled via the Softproviding DGC (Device Gateway Communicator). Both label and list printing with all conventional types of barcode are supported by the Softproviding PrintMonitor, which now also features the option to print on several printers in parallel. This makes it possible to serve the entire plant with one Softproviding PrintMonitor instance.


Operating systems

The Softproviding PrintMonitor supports both the 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows and can be used with all Windows operating systems from Windows XP to Windows 10.



The latest version of the Softproviding PrintMonitor can be scaled up or down as required, i.e. as many connections can be set up to the SAP system as you like. What’s more, up to 99 printers can be controlled per PrintMonitor instance and any number of instances can be used per print server.



If the connection to the SAP system is interrupted, the Softproviding PrintMonitor automatically performs a reconnect function as soon as the connection becomes available again. Logging and spooler manipulation (e.g. deletion of unprinted jobs) take place per print job. The PrintMonitor allows the log path to be freely defined. The error output in the event of layout errors and the user-friendliness associated with this have also been significantly improved in the latest version of the PrintMonitor.


Long texts

In response to customer requirements, the new version enables long texts (e.g. descriptions of ingredients) to be transmitted to the PrintMonitor more efficiently. This means that the Softproviding PrintMonitor can also be used for labeling products for delivery to end customers.


More features offered by the Softproviding PrintMonitor

  • Improved load balancing, with the option of registration by logon group
  • New command line parameters for calling up various configuration screens directly
  • Works with layouts from older versions without any problems and with no need for any adjustments
  • Downwardly compatible
  • Various other performance enhancements with even better stability
  • Parallel processing