Basel, CH – December 2016

Softproviding Services Division


After Softproviding AG became part of the globally active group msg systems ag in early 2016, the time was right for a reorientation of the company’s Services division. The food network of msg systems ag met for their first joint strategy meeting this year, in which they discussed and set out the network’s strategic direction and measures to promote integration. One clear objective of this integration is to identify synergies in the area of ‘Project Delivery’, as well as broadening the group’s expertise through cross-staffing and appropriate qualification measures.


In order to highlight and promote this integration in relation to Softproviding AG, the company turned to Frank Braun, a management executive from the Food division of msg systems ag, to fill the position of ‘Head of Services’. Mr Braun has many years of experience in national and international SAP projects of all sizes, as well as extensive expertise in the areas of delivery and business line management.




There are a number of areas with potential for leveraging synergies. Both organizations will benefit greatly from this and will be able to further increase efficiency in their sales departments, in contractual matters, in resource management and in their procedure models and project methodology. Close cooperation and a unified approach to the use of various tools is also envisaged and has already begun.


For qualification matters, the group has chosen a bidirectional concept – this means that msg systems ag’s consulting activities focus on consolidating its expertise in the specific features of the meat sector. This has been greatly facilitated by the fact that several consultants already have a specialized background in the meat industry. Softproviding’s consulting strategy focuses on enhancing its expertise in the classic ERP modules and developing new potential solutions, all with the aim of offering a fully fledged range of consulting services with a holistic, solution-optimized approach. The first cross-staffing initiatives, launched in the context of an ongoing project in Norway, have already generated highly valuable synergies.


In addition to qualitative optimization, the consulting service has also been strengthened from a quantitative perspective. An experienced consultant specializing in SAP MM and SD joined the team on September 1, 2016. In the meat-specific sector, this colleague will be focusing on slaughtering and disassembly. Softproviding also appointed a new Junior Consultant on October 1, 2016, who will help support the team with their expertise in SAP MM. The consulting team is set to expand significantly in 2017, enabling it to bring together highly qualified and motivated employees to meet the growing project demands and generate added value for our customers.