Rancagua/Rosario, Chile – July 2014

Softproviding Gains a Foothold in South America




With the major Chilean food group Agrosuper, Softproviding has gained its first customer in South America. The company, a market leader in the poultry and pork sector, began implementation of Meat Management in spring 2014 at its Rosario pig processing plant. The customer’s project managers have already completed training provided by the Softproviding Education department.


With the successful completion of the blueprint phase at the end of 2013, the project team had to deal with an unfortunate setback in December, as the plant selected for the pilot project was burnt to the ground. Flexibility on both sides ensured delays to implementation were avoided, which will enable an autumn go-live for this year to go ahead as planned. For Softproviding, the success of the project serves as an incentive to continue to build its presence in South America.