Basel, CH – December 2015

Softproviding Support & Test Center ‒ Better Service, Better Quality

As we touched on briefly in our last newsletter, we are currently realigning our Support & Test Center (STC) and increasing its focus on service, support, and quality assurance. We are aiming to provide you with greater support and customer satisfaction in the future and are keen to become your proactive partner and service provider.


To ensure these are not just empty words, we are strengthening and expanding our activities in the following areas:



As a single point of entry for errors, requirements, adjustments, and tests, we are at the forefront both internally and externally when it comes to dealing with your requests. We coordinate and implement, channel and communicate. We will lastingly improve the quality of our support packages by working even more closely with our development team. We intend to be even better placed to meet your challenges with more manpower, greater expertise, and more targeted coordination.



By increasing our direct contact on a personal level, we want to take your needs and requirements on board more proactively to better meet your expectations. Making adjustments to our setup will allow us to put smaller orders in motion more quickly and more directly from now on. We are looking forward to talking to you!


Quality assurance

We act as the main hub and information center for your orders, processing and managing them from receipt right through to acceptance. Working closely with our product managers, developers, and documentation specialists, we want to make sure that your requests are dealt with faster, more efficiently, and more closely in line with your requirements. We have therefore reallocated responsibilities and streamlined our organizational structure.


Softproviding @ SAP OSS

Softproviding is fully integrated with the SAP OSS (Online Service System). Instead of being sent by e-mail, support notifications are now directly recorded in the OSS itself and provided to our STC in this way. We are very grateful for the excellent business relationship that we enjoy with you and for your support in using the SAP processes that are compulsory for us.


Philip Meyer

Head of Support



As your first port of call at Softproviding, our STC is happy to help ‒ from left to right: Sergej Greb (Consultant), Philip Meyer (Head of Support), and Alexander Dandörfer (Consultant)