Basel, CH – December 2014

Softproviding turns to the SAP OSS




The time will come this January: Softproviding will be completely connected to the SAP OSS (Online Service System)! Whether SAP Standard topics, Softproviding products or tailor-made Softproviding applications, in future, the OSS will be available to our customers as the single point of entry for their support messages.


From then on, all messages concerning Softproviding will no longer be sent by e-mail, but entered directly in the OSS and made available to our Support & Test Center. The benefits are obvious: whereas previously, messages had to be distributed and processed through various channels – depending on whether it related to a problem in SAP Standard or in one of our solutions – from January, support messages will all be entered into the central OSS and assigned to the correct recipient via the corresponding component. The status of the messages can also be viewed at any time, thereby creating efficiency and transparency.


Further information regarding our OSS connection and the new support process will be distributed to our customers shortly. Our Support & Test Center team is available at any time if you have any queries.


We are looking forward to using Standard in our support process too.