Basel, CH – March 2015

Upcoming Release Softproviding Meat 5.40

Softproviding Meat 5.40


Softproviding Meat is a comprehensive solution for the protein industry that covers the entire process, from farm to fork. Aiming at systematic integration, Softproviding Meat links all the process steps throughout the entire supply chain and reproduces processes in their entirety. Solution design is completely open and includes everyone involved: from vendors, such as breeders and suppliers, to customers, such as trade partners and consumers.


The next release of Softproviding Meat is currently being planned. Here are some highlights of the changes intended:


Livestock Procurement / Slaughtering

  • New Barn Management functionality for Livestock Reception:
  • With Barn Management, is it possible to record all items moving in and out of the barn with regard to livestock reception and to visualize stocks.
  • BW extractors for Livestock Reception and Slaughter Data
  • Redesigned entry screens in the Slaughter Data Cockpit
  • New Findings for Slaughter Data, based on master data rather than customizing


  • New DPS functionality for planning
  • New DPS functionality for post production calculation over multiple disassembly orders


  • Update of various existing archiving objects
  • New object for disassembly objects (standard cost estimates and MRP calculations, additional tables not covered in the current objects)

Authority Objects

The new release will contain the first Softproviding Meat authority objects and basic roles in order to better fine-tune your security strategy. These will be available in all of the main applications.


Release v5.40 is currently planned to go into ramp-up (German only) late in the first/early second quarter* of 2016, with general availability for all languages planned for the third quarter of 2016.


Next Generation Disassembly

Development of the “next generation” of the Disassembly module is currently underway, although it is yet to be determined if this will be available in the upcoming release. Some of the new features planned are:

  • Plant-independent master data
  • Multiple input materials in cuts
  • Multiple “top-level” materials in cut lists, eliminating the need for organizational cuts
  • Ability to add customer-specific fields and/or functionality

Additional features and functionality will be made available as well.


* This is a provisional date and may be subject to change.