Basel, CH – April 2016

Using Meat Management by Softproviding to Optimum Effect




Many companies do not make the most of the potential offered by Meat Management by Softproviding, whether this is due to a loss of expertise following a change in personnel, a lack of awareness of new functionalities, or any other reason. We would therefore like to take this opportunity to draw your attention to the training available from Softproviding Education.


With its advanced training program, Softproviding offers a wide range of courses on Meat Management by Softproviding and the technologies on which it is based. Various customers have already successfully completed these courses since the program was introduced.


Our courses are aimed at a variety of interest groups, including management, project managers and team members, consultants, users, developers, and even people who are new to Meat Management. The aim of the training provided is to further optimize the way Meat Management is used, thus enabling your company to reap the greatest possible benefit from our solutions.


The courses cover the entire value chain in the meat industry. As an introduction, we recommend starting with the Meat Management Overview course.


For the Meat solution and the Livestock area, we offer courses on Procurement Planning, Livestock Reception, Slaughtering, Slaughtered Stock Settlement, and Fresh Meat Purchasing. Disassembly is covered by its own specific course.


Our training range also includes courses on Further Processing and distribution for the Core solution, which present the specialist areas of Production and Distribution. And last but not least, we offer courses on our own unique technologies such as the Device Gateway System (DGS), Data Process System (DPS), and the Remote Application Framework (RAF).


The courses offered in the German-speaking region can be carried out directly at SAP’s training facilities, but we are happy to run courses at your own company offices too. They can also be held on Softproviding’s premises in Basel or at a third-party location of your choice. Courses can be booked in either English or German.


Alongside the standard curriculum, we are also happy to provide training programs set up for individual customers, tailored to your specific needs and requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us – with no obligation – if you would like a customized quote.


We are also delighted to inform you that we will soon be able to offer you even more courses, which are currently still in the development stage. These will include training on Livestock Management and PDA Logistics.


Systematic evaluation of the feedback we receive from course participants enables us to continuously improve the program we offer and create genuine added value for you as a company or for your project. After all, knowledge really does mean power.


For more information on our courses, including details on course lengths, content, or conditions for participation, please visit our website or contact Mr. Sandro Cargnelutti (Training & Education) by e-mail.