Basel, CH – September 2020

Sorting and billing consumer eggs with SAP Food Management by msg


In the second quarter of this year, SAP Food Management by msg for the sorting, packaging and billing of consumer eggs at Lüchinger + Schmid AG was successfully implemented at the Flawil plant. The rollout for the Kloten plant will take place in quarters three and four.


Lüchinger + Schmid is the leading Swiss trading and production company for eggs as well as egg and frozen products. The company, whose beginnings date back to 1891, is owned by the Federation of Migros Cooperatives and is part of the Micarna Group. It supplies the retail trade, gastronomy and the Swiss food industry. The daily grading of consumer eggs amounts to 1.5 million.


Egg sorting


Once again SAP Food Management by msg unfolds its full potential. Apart from Softproviding’s own programs, only an input and output interface to MOBA, a system for sorting eggs, is used. In combination, the entire process from the receipt of the eggs to the final reporting and billing per pallet could be fully covered. How the required tasks could be handled without significant additional effort using the proven functionalities such as reception, sort order, sort lists, process data, DGA, DPS and DPS-RAF is briefly described below.


Unclassified eggs are received per pallet for purchase orders. The goods receipt is non-valuated and takes place with the DGA for goods receipt (DGA-WE). As soon as the pallet is ready for sorting with MOBA, the input posting for the sorting order is generated by scanning the pallet label. At the same time, an egg reception is created, with the item number corresponding to the pallet number. The data transfer to MOBA with the information on pallet, supplier, quantity, material etc. is synchronized via interface.


After sorting, MOBA sends the sort data per pallet to the SAP system. The data is read into an intermediate table and can now be selected, evaluated, verified and, if necessary, changed using DPS. After the checked pallet has been released, the output postings for the sort order are made. A determination table makes it possible to find the material and the correct item in the order.


In addition to the posting of the goods receipt to the warehouse (PDAO data record), a classification data record with reference to the egg reception is also created for each material (egg class). Finally, the Softproviding Settlement Cockpit in SAP standard is used to invoice the classified eggs and the supplier is paid according to the quality and quantity delivered.


The further processing as well as the palletizing of the eggs is done with the Further Processing functionality and the related DGA (DGA-MPE). The barcode generated by MOBA on the egg carton or on the crate is scanned at the input for the order. The EAN identifies the material that is contained in the bill of material for an order. In this way the input is automatically posted to the correct order. Selected materials for packaging processes (outer carton, label etc.) are backflushed from the warehouse to the order. Finally, the finished pallet is marked with a Softproviding PDA label, which, among other things, facilitates identification in order picking.


Egg sorting


With the introduction of SAP and SAP Food Management by msg at the Flawil plant, a signifi-cant improvement in the production processes and in the tracking of the packaged egg to the laying farm and to the supplier was achieved. The availability of real-time data on goods movements and financial postings as well as the corresponding reports and KPIs also allow management to react more quickly to possible situations.


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