Basel, CH – April 2020

DGCX – the New Generation of Open Device and Sensor Connectivity


The new Device Gateway Communicator, the latest component of the Softproviding Smartfactory, points the way to the future. Although developed from scratch, the module, launched under the name DGCX, is part of the long tradition of the DGC family, which began with the development of DGC4 in 2002 and continued with DGC5 in 2012.




DGCX was designed as an open system. It is platform-independent (Win, Linux, MacOS) and can be hosted on many common environments, be it IIS, IIS Express, Apache or Docker. Alternatively, the module can of course also be operated as a standalone service. The system is modular and designed as a development framework; it includes code generators for all common languages (Java, JavaScript, C#, VB).


With DGCX, any device, sensor or PLC control system can be integrated seamlessly into modern software environments. In addition, simple devices, scanners, older scales or devices with serial or TCP/IP interface and own access protocols can be integrated without any problems.




DGCX enables a new or proven machine park to take advantage of the benefits of the networked industry, ultimately resulting in significant increases in efficiency and effectiveness.


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