Basel, CH – March 2017

Livestock Operations


With the new Livestock Operations module we would like to give you a brief outlook on SAP Meat Management by msg 5.70 which will be available as a S4/HANA release from beginning of 2019. In the last few months, the module has been designed by a team of experts and is currently being developed within the framework of a preliminary project in the fish industry. On request, the module which will become available in Q3/2017 may be implemented as a preliminary version in the customer system.




The Livestock Operations module is an integral part of the SAP Meat and Fish Management by msg solution which allows customers to manage all livestock processes within SAP ERP using standard Softproviding Meat and Core functionality. The module covers all livestock processes independent of the complexity and diversity due to different species and different sub-process required within one species. Thanks to the integration into SAP’s project system, extended controlling and reporting functions will support you performing complex planning and actual calculations. The close conformity to the SAP standard with simultaneous use of Meat Management functionalities allows you to fully integrate other areas of logistics like, for instance, feed production.


The Livestock Operation module covers the following processes:

  • Livestock Organization Management
  • Livestock Production Setup
  • Operative Livestock Planning and Execution

Livestock Organization Management

The Livestock Organization Management process allows companies to hierarchically structure their own livestock organization. Organizational structures are built using different object types providing functionality and information for:

  • Species – fish, pork, poultry, cattle, etc.
  • Production process – parent production of all species, egg production for poultry and fish, fattening or growing production for all species
  • Production site – in-house farm, rented farm, sub-contracted farm or hatchery
  • Production facility – house, cage, box, field, incubator, tank, aquarium, etc.

Cattle Fattening


In dependency of livestock organizational structure object types, customers can define different sets of data like capacity data in different units of measure, distances between different locations for transportation planning (distance from farm to feed factory, between different farms, or from farm to slaughterhouse), contract validity periods in case of sub-contractors or veterinary approval period, etc.


Livestock Production Setup

In addition to the existing SAP ERP production set-up options, the Livestock Operation module allows enhanced production set-up tailored to fit the logistic and financial requirements of the livestock production industry. Some of the options the enhanced production setup function offers are:

  • Definition of mortality throughout the whole life cycle,
  • Definition of feed consumption throughout the life cycle,
  • Detailed scheduling of production output,
  • Impact of mortality on feed consumption and scheduling of production output,
  • Marking livestock materials over the whole production chain,
  • Marking livestock materials that need to be capitalized and depreciated following production, etc.

Fish farming


Operative Livestock Planning and Execution

With Operative Livestock Planning, planners can manage their regular planning activities and identify discrepancies between demand and supply in each phase of the production process. The Livestock Execution process is handled with a special execution tool for managing farms, houses, hatcheries and incubators, etc. The execution tool allows you to automatically or manually create different objects like livestock production cycle, flock, batch or production order.




For the data acquisition of events like mortality or feed consumption, manual or automatic entries based on pre-defined data in the production setup process may be used. Manual entries can be carried out from the back office or via mobile applications, making it possible to decentralize the process. The execution tool enables companies to manage their livestock production processes with full overview of currently active production processes, with details as planned end date, live weight gain progress, forecasted production output, actual mortality and actual feed consumption rate, which are available at any time.


Customers can look forward to potent push/pull planning functionalities, real time control over the status of production as well as complete cost transparency at each level. Total cost control and consistent implementation of the legally required tracking and tracing functionalities are further highlights of this new SAP Meat and Fish Management by msg standard application.


If this article has piqued your interest, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Stephan Kronbichler (Business Development) for further information. The best way to do this is via e-mail or telephone on +41 (0)61 508 21 42.