Basel, CH – December 2014

Upcoming Release Softproviding Core 2.40

Softproviding Core 2.40


Softproviding Core provides companies involved in industrial production with an innovative SAP-based solution, which can be individually customized to suit industry-specific requirements. Softproviding Core has proved itself in a multitude of applications in the food industry and is increasingly gaining ground in other sectors of industrial production.


The next release of Softproviding Core is currently being planned. Find out what changes and innovations to expect:


Remote Application Framework (RAF)

  • MIME integration (e.g. icons, pictures, sounds)
  • Calendar/clock control
  • Timer control
  • Embedded applications (e.g. pop-ups)
  • Copying of controls of an interaction
  • Horizontal scrolling

Data Process System (DPS) Workbench/Runtime

  • Ability to deliver “standard” DPS processes
  • Copying of RAF settings when copying a DPS process
  • Various minor changes to the Workbench and Runtime


  • New and improved stock removal orders for use in DPS

Process Data Acquisition (PDA)

New central transaction for PDAO creation and maintenance. This transaction will replace the following transactions:

  • Further processing entry (/SPDGS/PE41)
  • GR for purchase order and other inbound deliveries (/SPDGS/PE22 und /SPDGS/PE32)
  • Inventory (/SPDGS/INVC)
  • Process PDA operation (/SPDGS/PDAO)

In addition, the new application will have the following new functionality:

  • GI for outbound deliveries
  • Ability to view and maintain the PDAO extension table (PDAOE1)

Other features include a new API for cancelling PDAO records as well as a new application for mass-cancellation of production order confirmations.


Print Designer

  • Print Designer will be integrated into the SAP GUI
  • Labels can be stored directly in SAP

In addition, the new release will contain the first Softproviding Core authority objects in order to better fine-tune your security strategy.


Release v2.40 is currently planned to go into ramp-up (German only) late in the first/early second quarter* of 2016, with general availability for all languages planned for the third quarter of 2016.


In a future newsletter, we will go over the planned changes for Softproviding Meat.


* This is a provisional date and may be subject to change.