Basel, CH – March 2018

Customer-Specific Shop-Floor Applications with DPS-RAF


SAP Meat and Fish Management by msg is an SAP ERP add-on for the meat industry that enables industry-specific processes to be mapped within individual companies. What may not be apparent at first glance is that the numerous shop-floor applications in various areas are an essential component of SAP Meat and Fish Management by msg. Meat Management also ensures that devices can be integrated with these applications, as we have reported in previous articles (here, here and here).


We would like to show you in a short video how easy it is to adapt the standard SAP Meat and Fish Management applications to your needs. Depending on the requirements, this can be done by simply making settings (configuration) or by integrating customer-specific functions.



Adjustments are usually made using the following tools, all of which are integral parts of SAP Meat and Fish Management by msg:

  • If you want to add new functions or extend existing ones, you can do so using the Data Process System (DPS) as shown in the video. An example of this could be the filling an additional field in the process data acquisition records (PDAO).
  • If you want to adjust the user interface (add or move buttons, etc.), this is done using the Layout Painter..

Should you want to add functionality that is not currently provided with the Meat and Fish Management standard delivery, you can of course also include customer-specific function modules. However, the repository included in the delivery already comes with a large number of function modules.


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