Basel, CH – September 2015

The Softproviding Product Documentation

Product Documentation


No product without appropriate documentation! If the product in question happens to be enterprise software which is in a state of permanent evolution and needs to be constantly adapted to ever new challenges and realities, providing the respective documentation is a demanding task.


The Softproviding product documentation starts at a fundamental level: The Release Strategy Instructions give an overview of the essential conditions for the provision of product upgrades and support packages, information which is of particular interest to IT management and SAP basis administrators.


The Operating Instructions are directed at SAP basis administrators who want to get an overview of the essential operational and technical requirements with regard to hardware and software. This ensures that everything will be in place to allow the Softproviding software solutions to run successfully.


The Installation Instructions describe the procedure for newly-installed Softproviding software solutions as well as for subsequent upgrades. If you want to make sure your Softproviding applications and products continue to work as usual after the installation of an upgrade, it is crucial that recommended procedures and activities be followed closely. The Softproviding Migration Instructions will tell you exactly what to look out for.


A release upgrade always brings new or enhanced functions. By consulting the Concise Release Notes SAP basis administrators will gain a quick overview of the changes and amendments. Users and super users who work more closely with individual applications and functions will find all necessary information in the Detailed Release Notes. The support packages Softproviding uses to deliver patches, enhancements and new functions are accompanied by Service Pack Notes concisely describing the respective changes.


It is highly recommended to archive data which is no longer needed for day-to-day operations. The Softproviding Archiving Instructions tell you how to proceed.


The type of documentation which usually attracts the most attention is the user documentation. It is broadly divided into the products Softproviding Meat, Core, and Link:


  • The Softproviding Meat User Documentation includes the areas of Planning, Fresh Meat Purchasing, Livestock Management, Slaughtering and Disassembly.
  • The user documentation for product Softproviding Core comprises the fields of Data Process System, Device Gateway System, Determination Applications, Further Processing, Process Data and Remote Application Framework.
  • Also considered as a part of the product Softproviding Core are the TechApps, a heterogeneous group of individual service and test programs which are documented separately.
  • The Softproviding Link User Documentation covers the Automated Data Exchange (ADE) function.

The Implementation Instructions are aimed at consultants, developers and super users alike and consist of a row of configuration guides for Softproviding Meat and Core which give useful information on the SAP Standard and specific Softproviding Meat and Core settings to be made.


Softproviding customers have unrestricted access to the public area of the Softproviding Extranet where they will find all the available documentation in the directory for the respective product. Download it today! Have a look at it! We are looking forward to receiving your feedback.